Published on 16 March 2021

Covid-19: in 2020 the Orange Foundation committed more than €9 million in 30 countries

In 2020 we took action against covid-19 in 30 countries by committing more than €9 million to various projects: health emergency, food aid, digital education, digitally manufactured visors, help for vulnerable students ... In 2021, we continue to support those who need it most.



Examples of actions against the epidemic


Saving lives - our aid arrives in 18 countries

Committed to the social and professional integration of young people and women through digital technology, we also develop health programmes where they are needed in...

Let's fight the epidemic

Health crisis and social crisis, Orange Solidarity adapts its activities

All the integration programmes supported by the Orange Foundation have been affected by Covid-19. Based on classroom training sessions, they were totally disrupted during...

Let's fight the epidemic

Covid-19: Poland takes action

In all the African and European countries within our footprint, our aid has supported local emergency measures since March:

In Poland these measures were deployed for...



Let's fight the epidemic

Thank you to the Solidarity FabLabs in Africa & Europe!

In early April, the FabLabs showed all their enthusiasm and solidarity by developing visors for healthcare workers. So we decided to financially support 52 of the...

Solidarity FabLab program

Protective visors for caregivers, produced by the Solidarity FabLabs

In order to overcome the lack of masks, over the past two weeks, several FabLabs have begun designing and producing protective visors. The act of solidarity draws on the...

Let's fight the epidemic

FabLabs show solidarity with Orange stores

Since last week, several Solidarity FabLabs from the Foundation have been producing protective visors for employees working in Orange stores.

The aim is to allow Orange...