Published on 06 July 2021

Photo highlights from the village of Ambandrika

Ambandrika is one of our “Villages.” The isolated places that we are equipping with infrastructure to provide better living and education conditions for all: healthcare center, drinking water, school.
You may have seen the information on its inauguration in November 2020, attended by decision-makers from the region. Located in the central Aloatra-Mangoro region, the rural town of Ambandrika has a population of over 7,000, many more if you count the people living in the surrounding area.
Here is the result of our action carried out with the invaluable support of LEO Club Ambatondrazaka.



The healthcare center

centre de camping
The healthcare center provides 20,000 local residents of the region with access to basic healthcare.
centre de santé2
The building was very degraded especially the ceilings and floors.


centre de santé 3


centre de santé 4


The center has been completely refurbished on the inside and a new roof has been installed. It has been fitted with equipment (beds, mattresses, delivery table, medical supplies) to improve maternal and child health. Solar panels and a solar refrigerator keep medicines in good condition even during power cuts.

The school



For the school, three new classrooms were built.
Previously, the pupils had to walk 2 km to get to school. The journey presents dangers for children as they have to cross a river and pass under a railway bridge on the way to school. The school has tables and benches, as well as latrines.
During the official reception, three teachers were appointed to run these classes.

The well



Four new wells have been established to improve access to clean water. Before that, the villagers drank the water from the Manamontana River. It was the only water point available in the village for both the residents and their livestock, which put their health at great risk.